Legal secretary is transformed into an erotic slave

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Susan's hands trembled as she locked the office's main entrance door. She felt as if her heart would beat out of her chest as she waited for Lisa, the last employee at the law firm, to leave work. She felt as if Lisa was tormenting her by working late on a Friday night...Susan's night with Ms. Stanton. And, it was Lisa who caused Susan to be late with her financial report to Ms. Stanton. Susan was sure that she would feel the lash on her bare bottom for that infraction. Ms. Stanton had exacting standards. She accepted no excuses especially when she could see Susan and Lisa chatting for at least an hour after lunch.

Susan had desperately tried to end her conversation with Lisa, but Lisa had so many personal problems that she wanted to talk about. Susan was never good at telling anyone she was busy or had something more important to do. Her office financial report to Ms. Stanton was due promptly at 3:30 PM every Friday. She knew the deadline. There was no excuse for not having it completed on time. Ms. Stanton always reads the financial report every Friday afternoon so she could plan her staffing needs for the following week.

Ms. Stanton was youngest partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Birmingham, UK. She was a no nonsense woman in her mid thirties who worked her way up to a senior management position with the firm through her hard work and professional competence. Her professional reputation was unmatched especially in the courtroom.

Susan felt the butterflies in her lower stomach as she nervously entered Ms. Stanton's large office. No matter how many times she went through the ritual, the excitement never subsided. Maybe that was because Susan never knew exactly what to expect. Of course, she knew exactly what was expected of her as did all of Ms. Stanton's employees. However, Susan was expected to be more than just an employee or a legal secretary ever since Ms. Stanton found the erotic bondage story Susan had written while waiting for assignments. She described very detailed scenes she imagined with Ms. Stanton...scenes that would later become a part of her employment with Ms. Stanton.

Ms. Stanton had a commanding presence that always melted Susan's resolve and made her want to sink to her knees before her employer and mistress. She always felt an incredible submissive buzz while in Ms. Stanton's presence. No detail was too small to be attended to by Susan. Susan wondered how the entire office staff could not worship Ms. Stanton as she did. It was all that Susan could do not to call her "mistress" during the work day. It was such a natural thing to do that Susan hoped she would never slip and reveal their relationship to the office staff. However, she was now free from such constraints and worries. She could drop her professional facade and become the slave girl she always dreamed of becoming. Her only concern now was Ms. Stanton's pleasure.

Ms. Stanton sat on her sofa with her legs crossed next to the coffee table. She sipped a glass of wine as she chatted amiably on the phone. Her dark eyes seemed to penetrate Susan's very soul as she watched Susan cross the room and open the cabinet behind Ms. Stanton's desk. Ms. Stanton wore a two-piece conservative business suit consisting of a tight dark professional skirt and double button jacket. With her jacket on the sofa beside her, her black skirt appeared to be incredibly sexy especially with her black corset-like top. The hook-n-eye closures down the front of her top and the corset style accentuated her firm breasts and trim athletic figure. Susan wondered if anyone had noticed what Ms. Stanton wore under her jacket.

Susan felt her pussy throb as she retrieved the long slender tube from Ms. Stanton's cabinet. She also took the wooden box from a drawer. She walked quietly to Ms. Stanton placing the tube and box on the coffee table. She opened the end of the tube and slid out Ms. Stanton's crop and whips. She quickly and expertly arranged the crop and whips on the coffee table in front of Ms. Stanton. Each item was to be arranged two-inches apart with the handle facing Ms. Stanton.

Next, Susan opened the box. She quickly worked to arrange each item in neat rows. She started with the clips. The clips with chains were to be arranged parallel and in order of severity from the top to the bottom. Then the plugs and vibes were to be arranged in order of size. Finally, the black plastic clothes pins were arranged in neat rows.

Susan quickly returned to the cabinet and retrieved the leather collar and leash. Returning to Ms. Stanton, Susan placed these items on the very end of the coffee table. Ms. Stanton's dark eyes watched Susan carefully. Susan knew Ms. Stanton would notice the slightest infraction. That thought thrilled Susan as she prepared for the final part of their Friday ritual...the transformation of the mousey legal secretary into the slutty slave girl.

Susan stood and stepped out of her shoes placing both neatly next to each other beside the door. Next, she unbuttoned her conservative pinstripe suit jacket. Ms. Stanton always demanded each of her employees to dress in a professional and conservative manner. Susan was no exception. Susan's fingers trembled as she slid the jacket off and folded it neatly. Ms. Stanton expected her to take care of her things. Each piece of clothing was to be folded as if it were being put on display in a shop window.

Susan wore a lace cami top under her suit jacket. She wanted something to look sexy even though Ms. Stanton would only see her in it for a few seconds. It made her feel sexy for her mistress as she waited for the work day to end. She slid the cami top over her head, and placed the neatly folded top on her folded jacket.

Ms. Stanton continued to chat with someone on the phone. Susan could feel Ms. Stanton's eyes watching her every movement. Susan wanted to be sexy and pleasing to her mistress. She took great care every Friday morning to bath and shave exactly as Ms. Stanton expected. Ms. Stanton had given Susan specially scented oils she was to use after her bath that made her skin extra smooth. Susan was sure that Ms. Stanton would thoroughly inspect her slave girl to make sure her instructions were followed. Any infraction would be noticed and punished.

Next Susan unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it...folding her skirt and placing it on top of the pile of clothes she already removed. Susan could feel her face flush as she stood before her mistress in her bra and panties. She hesitated only a moment as she thought of how she hoped that her mistress would think she was sexy in her lace panties and bra. Quickly reaching behind, Susan unfastened her bra and slipped it off her arms. Her dark nipples felt very hard as she folded her bra adding it to the pile. With one last glance at her mistress hoping that she would be pleased with what she saw, Susan slipped her panties down her long legs and stepped out of them. They were the last thing to be place on the pile.

Ms. Stanton with her legs crossed sat on the end of the sofa watching Susan's every move. As the final act in the ritual, Susan knelt placing her lips to the carpet in front of Ms. Stanton's feet. Her nipples were to touch the carpet, knees shoulder width, forearms palm down in front of her shoulders, and back arched. Susan felt her submissive buzz deepen knowing that she was completely exposed and vulnerable.

"I have to go, dear. I have an employee here that needs disciplinary actions. You know how these employees can be. You give them an inch, and they start to disregard their assigned duties." Ms. Stanton said with a laugh that deepened Susan's humiliation...humiliation that Susan hated and craved at the same time. She could only imagine that the person Ms. Stanton was talking with would assume that Ms. Stanton was about to prepare a letter of reprimand. She wondered what her friend would think if she knew that Ms. Stanton had a naked slave girl kneeling at her feet with bare bottom exposed and waiting the whip.

"What am I to do with you, Susan? You know that I expect my financial report promptly at 3:30. I use that report to plan my staffing needs for next week. You know that, but instead, you chat all afternoon with Lisa while I wait for my report." Ms. Stanton said in her most professional tone. No one would have thought that she was reprimanding a naked slave girl at her feet.

"I'm sorry Mistress" Susan quietly said. No punishment could exceed the anguish she felt at disappointing her mistress. She needed to feel the sting of the whip. She needed to show her mistress that she would obey her every command no matter how painful or humiliating. Only then would the anguish of her disobedience begin to dissolve.

"Stand" Ms. Stanton commanded as Susan quickly stood placing her hands behind her head and spreading her legs wide for her mistress' inspection. She loved the feel of being completely exposed and vulnerable before her mistress. The toys neatly lined up on the table left no doubt about what could be done to a naked slave girl so exposed.

Ms. Stanton walked slowly around Susan. Susan felt her mistress' dark penetrating eyes burning her exposed skin. She knew that Ms. Stanton expected perfection. Susan was to go to the gym every night after work and complete a work out regiment that was designed by Ms. Stanton to keep her fit and trim. She was also required to give up her cigarettes. Susan trembled as she felt Ms. Stanton's hand touch her bare stomach. Her hand felt warm and commanding. Ms. Stanton's eyes were intense as they looked deeply into Susan's eyes. Susan knew she could hide nothing from her mistress.

"Did you follow my instructions this week" Ms. Stanton asked of Susan. Susan was to bring herself to the very edge of her orgasm three times each day during the week, but under no circumstance was Susan to cum. She was to use her vibe once in the morning and twice in the evening taking herself to within three seconds of orgasm each time. Eventually, Ms. Stanton would train Susan to bring herself even closer before stopping. Susan knew that she had no right to orgasm no matter how excited she became. Her orgasms belonged to her mistress as did her entire body.

"Yes Mistress" Susan answered as she felt her clit throb. She longed for Ms. Stanton's touch all week. She imagined it was Ms. Stanton who took her to the edge of her orgasm each time. It had been nearly a week since she was last allowed to orgasm. She loved Ms. Stanton's control. It excited her to know that she would be given permission to cum only if she completed Ms. Stanton's assignments during the week. It made her feel so incredibly submissive and sexy. It gave her extra incentive to be the best submissive she could be for her mistress. She worried Ms. Stanton would deny her her release this weekend because of her tardiness with the financial report. She was sure that she would at least feel the sting of the whip for that infraction.

"You know that this wet pussy belongs to me, don't you dear?" Ms. Stanton asked as her hand slipped between Susan's widely parted legs taking hold of her bare pussy.

"Yes Mistress" Susan answered with a shudder. Ms. Stanton's touch sent electric shocks of excitement through Susan's exposed sex. She was so excited she was sure she could cum in Ms. Stanton's hand if she were given permission.

"Tell me the rules, Susan" Ms. Stanton commanded as she took hold of Susan's hard throbbing clit between thumb and finger gently squeezing.

"Rule 1 -- My mistress is always right." Susan squealed as she felt her mistress's pressure increase. "Rule 2 -- I am her property to do with as she wants. Rule 3 -- My pleasure is a gift from my mistress. I am not to touch my pussy or orgasm without her express permission." Susan said feeling her submissive buzz deepen with each word. Susan needed to say those words. She needed feel completely owned by her mistress.

"That's my good girl. I see that you followed my instructions this morning" Ms. Stanton said referring to Susan's shaved sex. Ms. Stanton released Susan's clit and let her hand slide over Susan's bare sex feeling the softness. The sensation was almost enough to make Susan cum in her mistress's hand.

"Yes Mistress. I did exactly as you instructed". Susan loved preparing herself for her mistress every Friday morning. She always got up an hour early to complete her ritual. She would take a hot bath and shave under her arms, her legs, and finally her pussy. Then she was to rub scented oils over her entire body so that she would be silky smooth for her mistress in the evening.

"I might someday have to place my ring here so my slutty slave girl doesn't forget who this wet pussy belongs to" Ms. Stanton said as she took Susan's clit between thumb and finger...the pressure once again sent waves of pleasure / pain coursing through Susan's body. The thought of wearing her mistress' ring frightened and excited her.

"It is your property, Mistress" Susan said with a whimper.

"Yes it is, dear. Mine to use as I desire as is my slave girl."

Ms. Stanton stepped behind Susan and reached around her placing her hands on Susan's stomach. Susan could feel her mistress' body pressed to hers. Her mistress' firm breasts and hard nipples pressed into her back. The heat of her mistress' body made Susan's clit swell and throb. She was so exposed. Susan moaned and leaned back into Ms. Stanton trying to press her body into her mistress as she felt her mistress' hands slide up along her body...caressing sensuously.

"Such a slutty girl" Ms. Stanton whispered into Susan's ear. The warmth of her breath sending shivers through Susan. "But you're also such a disobedient girl. What am I ever to do with you?" Ms. Stanton continued.

"I'm sorry for being late with your report, mistress. I deserve to be punished" Susan said as she gasped under her mistress' caress.

"Of course you deserve to be punished, dear" Ms. Stanton said with a laugh as her hands sensuously caressed Susan's exposed body. Her warm hands softly caressed Susan's firm breasts taking her nipples between thumb and finger. Susan moaned with the sensuous pressure...her pussy throbbed. Susan wondered if she could make it the entire weekend with her mistress if she was not given permission to cum at least once. However, that was no longer her choice she reminded herself. She would orgasm only with her mistress' permission. She belonged entirely to her mistress as did her pleasure.

Stepping back around Susan, Ms. Stanton carefully considered the implements laid out before her. Selecting a black plastic clothes pin, she again faced Susan.

"That tongue of yours caused you to be late with my report this afternoon. " Ms. Stanton firmly said.

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded.

"That's a good girl. I think you need a little reminder that you need to be more careful with how you use that tongue or you are going to find yourself gagged. You may talk to my other employees as long as you have your assignments completed first. You may also go to the pub at lunch with your friends, but I expect you to return ready to work. Do you understand"

"Yes Mistress" Susan said.

"I think you need something to remind you what a privilege it is for a slave girl to be allowed to speak. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue" Ms. Stanton said as she placed the clothes pin on the tip of Susan's tongue.

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded as she stuck out her tongue. Susan gave a surprised yelp, but remained in position.

"You will keep the clip in place until I think you have learned your lesson" Ms. Stanton said as she picked up two more clips.

"Let's see if you can be a little more obedience now that I'm watching you. You are to remain in position. If you move, you will feel the sting of my whip. You need to learn to obey my instructions whether I am present or not. There was a reason I ask for my financial report promptly at 3:30 PM. If I do not have it, then the office staffing needs might not be complete next week"

"Yeaassh Missstess" Susan responded.

Ms. Stanton's right hand slid up Susan's exposed body. Susan shuddered at the sensation. Ms. Stanton's fingers circled Susan's already hard nipples. Susan moaned as she felt her mistress take her further toward her orgasm. She must not cum she kept reminding herself. Even without any direct stimulation to her sex, she was very close to orgasming.

Ms. Stanton took Susan's left nipple between thumb and finger pulling it out and gently messaging it. The sensation made Susan squeal with pleasure. Ms. Stanton gave Susan a wicked smile, and then opened one of the clips she held and let it close on Susan's nipple. Susan yelped in pain that felt so erotic. Never did Susan enjoy pain, but it did make her feel incredibly submissive when pain was inflicted by her mistress. She needed to show her mistress how obedient she could be for her. She needed the pain as punishment for her earlier infraction.

"That clip looks so pretty that I think I will place another one on your other nipple" Ms. Stanton said as she placed a clip on Susan's other nipple causing Susan to again squeal with the closure of the clip.

"Perfect. Just what your nipples needed. I'm sure the clips will keep them nice and hard for me".

Ms. Stanton's fingers gently played with the clips making Susan jump and squeal with each touch to the clips.

"Almost finished, dear" Ms. Stanton said as she picked up two more clips.

Ms. Stanton's hand once again returned to Susan's very wet and excited sex. Her long red finger nails lightly traced along Susan's lower lips making Susan dance about on her toes. The pressure of the clips on her nipples went right through to her very excited pussy making it throb with need. Ms. Stanton was careful not to touch Susan's hard throbbing clit as she played with her slave girl.

Susan could feel her mistress' fingers slide between her lower lips sensuously caressing her. She was so hot and excited. She tried to focus on something else to keep her pending orgasm away. Ms. Stanton could sense Susan's need and the orgasm that was building within her slave girl. She could always sense Susan's need. She let her orgasm build to almost the point of no return. Then, without warning, she let one of her clips close around one of Susan's lower lips. Susan squealed in pain and shock. She was so focused on her mistress' touch that she never anticipated the bite of the clip. Ms. Stanton always kept Susan on edge never knowing what to expect next.

"You did not think I would let you cum so soon, did you, dear?" Ms. Stanton asked.

"Naoh Misstesss" Susan managed to say with the clip still on her tongue. She could feel her saliva dribbling down the sides of her mouth. Her humiliation burned through her body as Susan thought of how she must look...a naked slave girl being played with by her mistress.

"That's my good girl. Just one more to go" Ms. Stanton said as she placed the final clip on Susan.

Susan jumped and danced on her toes as the last clip closed around her sensitive flesh. Susan felt the sharp bite of the clip transform into sensuous submissive need. She craved her mistress' touch and training. She longed to be owned completely by her mistress, and to sink to her knees and kiss her mistress' feet.

"See how obedient you can be if you try?" Ms. Stanton said with a laugh.

Picking up her crop, Ms. Stanton sensuously caressed Susan with the soft leather tip. The soft leather caress could with the flick of her mistress wrist transform into a fiery sting. Susan loved the control her mistress had over her. She felt the soft leather slide up along her exposed inner thighs, and felt her vulnerability and submission to her mistress... Just the slightest touch to the clips would send wave of pain through Susan's entire body. The sensation of softness mixed with the burning of the clips. Clips that Susan hoped would not remain on much longer.
"Let's see if my slave girl can dance for her mistress" Ms. Stanton said with a wicked laugh as she softly touched the very ends of the clips attached to Susan's pussy lips with the tip of her crop.

Susan let out another squeal while she jumped and danced about on the tips of her toes. Each touch to the clips sent new waves of pain through Susan's already burning pussy. Ms. Stanton's wicked smile sent shivers of excitement through Susan's entire body. Her dominance always excited Susan no matter what she was doing to slave girl. The pain for as much as Susan hated it, always deepened Ms. Stanton's dominance.

Ms. Stanton smiled as she watched Susan dance. Her crop touched the clips between Susan's widely parted legs, and Susan squealed and danced about on the tips of her toes. Next, the crop touched the clips on Susan's nipples sending waves of pain coursing through Susan's body. Susan squealed and tried not to move her hands from behind her head.

Susan felt so incredibly vulnerable as she danced about before her mistress. It was an intense deep vulnerability that transformed itself into a deep trust of her mistress. Ms. Stanton stripped Susan's emotional barriers layer by layer with each day they spent together. The pain was intense, but it was bearable. Susan knew that her mistress would never cause her any real harm. She loved the feeling of being under her mistress' control...of giving herself to her mistress. She loved the deep trust that she felt for her mistress.

Ms. Stanton next moved behind Susan. Susan once again felt the soft leather tip of the crop sensuously caress up along the insides of her thighs. She moaned with pleasure at the soft touch. She felt the crop slide up the inside of one thigh, and then the inside of the other. She never knew what to expect from her mistress...soft sensuous caresses or the fiery sting.

"Such a good girl I have" Ms. Stanton purred as she continued to caress Susan.

"So obedient now that I can watch you. You just need to learn to be more obedient when I am not present. Maybe I should have you wear my collar so that you do not forget who you belong to while you chat away with my other employees. Would you like that, Susan?" Ms. Stanton asked.

"Yeasss Misstesss" Susan responded with the clip still attached to the tip of her tongue. Just the thought of wearing her mistress' collar at work was enough to make her juices flow.

"Maybe I will have you go out to the engraving shop and order a tag that says 'property of Ms. Stanton' so that you do not forget your place" Ms. Stanton continued as she traced the tip of the crop around Susan's bare bottom. "I think there is an attractive young lady there that would enjoy engraving it for you"

Susan's face flushed at the thought of having to ask for such a tag. How would she ever explain it? She could not say it was for her pet. The sales woman would surely know it was for herself. She could never hide that.

"Ahhhh" Susan screamed as she felt the fiery sting of the crop.

"How many strokes should I give you today for your tardiness, Susan?" Ms. Stanton asked as she removed the clip from Susan's tongue.

Susan needed to feel the sting. The sting would melt her anguish of her earlier disobedience. She wanted to ask for the single tail whip, but she hesitated. That was the one whip whose sting she had not yet felt. She knew its sting would feel like fire. However, she needed to feel its sting.

"Mistress, I would like ten strokes of the single tail" Susan said after a moment's hesitation.

"Such a brave girl you are" Ms. Stanton said softly. Ms. Stanton was truly impressed by the dedication Susan had shown in all of her tasks. It started as just a game when she found Susan's novel about her life as a submissive to her employer. Ms. Stanton was annoyed at finding herself the center of Susan's sexual fantasies so she decided to teach Susan a lesson. It had been exciting whipping Susan's bare bottom as Susan counted each stroke. It had been fun having a naked slave girl under her complete control. Ms. Stanton always knew she had a dominant personality, but never thought about the sexual side of her dominance. She also never thought of herself as being bisexual, but that too changed as her relationship with Susan deepened. She had to admit that her orgasms with Susan were about as intense as she ever experienced. How could she not be bi she wondered.

Ms. Stanton also wondered if it was still a game. Could she ever give up her dominance now that she had experienced this side of her personality? She enjoyed the power and control she had over Susan. It was exciting to have a submissive so willing to do all that was instructed, and so willing to accept any form of discipline no matter how humiliating or painful. Why did that excite her so much she wondered as she let her crop continue to caress Susan's naked body? She watched Susan quiver under her touch and she knew that Susan too felt the intensity of their relationship. She knew there was no going back.

"The single tail is very painful, Susan. Are you sure you want to feel its sting?" Ms. Stanton asked in a soft reassuring voice that let Susan know she would not be disappointed if the single tail was too intense for her.

"I know, Mistress, but I still want you to use the single tail for my punishment" Susan said in a confident voice.

"OK, dear. Turn around and place your arms on my desk and arch your back. Ten it shall be"

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded. The clips made it painful to move. Susan had to keep her legs apart as she turned to keep the clips from rubbing and pressing further into the sensitive flesh of her lower lips. Leaning forward over her mistress' desk, Susan arched her back and presented her bottom as instructed. It was always such a vulnerable position. Susan could feel her face flush as she imagined what a spectacle she must be...her bare bottom exposed for the whip...clips still attached to her pussy lips. No matter how many times she was naked before her mistress, Ms. Stanton always found ways to make her feel exposed and vulnerable...feelings that fueled her submissive desires. Her mistress always knew deep down what Susan craved.

"That's my good girl. You really are such a good girl."

Susan loved hearing those words. She would do anything to hear her mistress speak those words. She wanted the sting to be painful. She needed to prove to her mistress that she was a worthy slave girl, and that she would obey every instruction no matter how painful or humiliating.

Selecting the single tail whip, Ms. Stanton stepped behind Susan. The sight of her slave girl bent over and so willing to take her punishment sent thrilling little electric shocks through Ms. Stanton's entire body. Yes, she realized that she enjoyed and needed this every bit as much as Susan. She loved seeing such dedication in her slave girl. She could feel her clit literally throb as she watched Susan squirm as she draped the single tail whip over Susan's lower back.

"Are you ready to begin, Susan" Ms. Stanton spoke softly as she caressed Susan's bare bottom. Her touch was sensual and soothing.

"Yes Mistress" Susan said with her voice remaining firm and determined.

"This is going to be very painful, Susan. Do you remember your safeword?"

"Yes Mistress. I am to speak 'red' if I can not take any more" Susan responded. She knew that she would not have to speak her safeword. Ms. Stanton always knew what she was feeling and how far to push her limits. She felt safe and secure under her mistress' control.

"That's my good girl. You are not to hesitate to speak your safeword if the pain is too intense to continue. You will disappoint me if you do not use your safeword if needed. Do you understand"

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded. The care Ms. Stanton took of her made her want to submit even more to her Mistress. She knew that Ms. Stanton would never intentionally hurt her or let anything bad happen to her.

"Are you ready for the first stroke" Ms. Stanton asked as she picked up the whip. She had been practicing with the whip for weeks now. She knew that if she was not careful, she would severely hurt Susan. That thought really scared her. She loved disciplining Susan and inflicting pain when needed, but she never wanted to really hurt Susan. The whip felt heavy in Ms. Stanton's hand as she held it. She wondered if she was really ready to use such a painful whip on her submissive girl. She had practiced and really was quite skilled in the use of the whip even though she had not used it before on anyone. She spent weeks practicing on targets until she was confident that she could place each stroke exactly where intended. Then she used balloons to practice the intensity of each stroke. And finally, she went out to the local bdsm club munch to ask advice from other dominants who might know how to use a single tail whip. She let a couple dominants use the whip on her back with varying intensities so that she would knew what Susan would feel. She made sure that the whip left at least a couple stripes on her back so that she would know exactly what Susan would feel. The single tail was definitely not a toy to be used for the pleasure of the dominant. Although, Ms. Stanton was also sure that many dominants did just that without regard for his or her submissive.

With a flick of her wrist, the whip landed with a loud crack exactly where intended. Susan heard the crack that was immediately followed by an intense white flash of pain...the most intense pain she had ever experienced.

"Agggggggggg" Susan screamed as she tried to remain in position. She bounced up and down on her toes as the pain seared itself into her mind.

Ms. Stanton was not a cruel woman. She knew the pain that Susan felt. She watched at how Susan struggled to remain in position. She was always such an obedient girl no matter what she did.

"One Mistress" Susan was finally able to speak as the pain slowly subsided as a red welt appeared.

Ms. Stanton's hand softly caressed Susan's bare bottom helping to ease her pain. The softness of her mistress' touch always made Susan want to take more for her mistress. It deepened her desire to submit.

"Are you ready for the next one?" Ms. Stanton asked.

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded...her confidence and determination slowly returning to her.

With another flick of her wrist, the whip cracked and Susan let out another scream. A red welt appeared about an inch directly below the first exactly where Ms. Stanton intended. Ms. Stanton again softly soothed the sting as Susan bounced on her toes.

"Such a good girl" Ms. Stanton soothingly spoke as she caressed Susan's bare bottom. She let the pain ease into a fiery warmth giving Susan several minutes to compose herself.

"Don't hesitate to use your safeword if this is too intense, Susan"

"I don't think a safeword is necessary, Mistress" Susan responded with confidence. She was sure that she would not be able to sit down the entire weekend.

"Are you ready for the next stroke"

"Yes Mistress"

With another flick of her wrist, the whip cracked and Susan again screamed. A red welt appeared about an inch above the first. Tears began to form as Susan screamed. The sight of her slave girl in so much pain made Ms. Stanton want to stop her punishment. She would never have given Susan more that three strokes anyways.

"Would you like me to stop at three?" Ms. Stanton asked as her hand softly soothed Susan's bare bottom. She could feel the heat from the red welts.

"No Mistress. I want to continue" Susan said trying to sound as confident as she could. She really wanted to finish this and prove to her mistress that she would do anything for her.

Ms. Stanton could see that Susan was pushing herself. She wondered if she was going too far.

"Are you sure, dear?" Ms. Stanton said in a soft voice that let Susan knew that it was ok to stop at three.

"Yes Mistress. Please continue"

With another flick of her wrist, the whip cracked and Susan screamed. This time there were sobs in her screams as tears began to flow. Ms. Stanton placed this stroke about an inch below the lowest stripe. She was very careful not to let the stripes cross. Each was exactly parallel with the others.

Susan felt like someone had touched her bare bottom with a red hot poker. Each stroke seemed to be so much more intense than the one before. Ms. Stanton's caress helped to ease the pain.

"Susan, I'm going to give you only one more stroke" Ms. Stanton said knowing that Susan would want each of the ten she requested. Ms. Stanton knew that she had to allow Susan to push herself. She had to feel that she was really punished for being so late with the financial report this afternoon. If she wasn't punished enough, she would dwell on her disobedience.

"Yes Mistress" Susan said. She was glad that there would be only one more stroke, but she also felt a little disappointed that she would not feel all ten strokes. She understood in her mistress' voice that this was no longer her decision.

With another flick of her wrist, the whip cracked for the last time. Susan screamed and danced about on her toes. Ms. Stanton set the whip aside softly caressed Susan's bare bottom. She reached into her purse to find the bottle of aloe lotion she used to keep her hands soft. The location would help to ease Susan's pain. Ms. Stanton softly rubbed the lotion onto Susan's bare bottom soothing her pain. Susan's sobs slowly stopped. The pain even after a few minutes remained intense.

Remembering the clips that Susan still wore, Ms. Stanton opened both clips and quickly removed them. Susan screamed again as the blood flowed back into her lower lips. Ms. Stanton firmly placed her hand on Susan's pussy and held her as the pain subsided.

"Such a good girl. My good girl." Ms. Stanton softly said over and over as she waited for the pain to subside.

"Stand and let me take the other clips off"

"Yes Mistress" Susan said as she stood and instinctively assumed the inspection position.

"It's almost over, my good girl" Ms. Stanton said as she took both clips off simultaneously.

"Such a good girl" Ms. Stanton repeated as she placed her hands on Susan's breasts firmly holding them as the pain subsided.

"You are such a good girl" Ms. Stanton said as she stood in front of Susan looking directly into her tear stained eyes. Her hands moved up along her back as she held Susan close to her. Susan felt the warmth of her mistress's body next to hers.

With a soft kiss to Susan's lips, Ms. Stanton took her to the couch, and sat down holding and soothing her slave girl...
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